When your vibration is low
Then your magnetic field can be penetrated

The push is on for a synthetic body
Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs do not belong in your body
The fake vaccines are full of synthetic chemicals

Psy Ops of fake murders such as the one at the University of Idaho
Are for the purpose of keeping you in a state of fear
Which confines you to a low vibration

Keep your sovereignty
Do not be scared into obedience
If you have taken the vaccine then you need to detox

The media keeps you imprisoned in someone else’s negative timeline
Subliminal sound wave programs become thought patterns that control us

Movies create belief systems that make us accept them as a future reality
People telling of dreams of tsunamis are lying and promoting disaster
By causing people to think they are an upcoming occurrence

The fake climate hysteria is ushering in an authoritative AI surveillance state
Our weather is fully controlled by the deep state crime syndicate

Radiation is zapping our energy
If you seek help from an indoctrinated and brainwashed doctor
They will diagnose you with Covid

And tell you to get a booster shot
And put you on pharmaceuticals

We have been numbed by chemicals to go along with the program
We pray to a higher being to have mercy on us
While we have no mercy on those beneath ourselves
And treat animals as objects for food

Starseed souls come into this controlled holographic matrix
To shift by a quantum leap the vibration

Once you become the master of your reality then you are free
To project positive experiences and not be controlled by others

You are a star that can shine bright over all of creation

When people wish upon a star at night
You can send forth the strong luminous light frequencies
To make the wishes of peace and prosperity come true

When you think of yourself as powerless then you are
When you think of yourself as powerful then you are

Think of yourself as powerful!