A service to others attitude
Produces more self sustaining energy
Because it directs one to organic creator codes
Of tri wave consciousness

When one accesses higher quality sources of energy
It manifest into more energy within themselves
Transmuting anti life consciousness into smaller units
Of weakening descending spirals

And bringing in higher frequency Krystal spirals
That are the blueprint for ascension

Because their accumulated thoughts
Reflect the new consciousness level of this reality system

When one is dedicated to their highest purpose of unconditional love
Everything that you need to fulfill this will come

We all need to evaluate relationships and set healthy boundaries
In order to generate mutually beneficial exchanges

When one has a service to self attitude
It makes for an energy parasite
Who manipulates others and takes their energy

Energetic imbalances weaken the body
And sets one up for attachments by parasitic entities from non physical dimensions

When we choose to self source
And not be emotional vampires or parasitic to others

When we cultivate loving kindness in our heart
And strive to purify our body mind and spirit

We rid ourselves of parasitic imbalance
And re circuit our energy connections

The human body is of superior technology
And will guide us forward in positive ways

We will then shine the eternal light that exists within us
Fulfilling our purpose of being an authentic person
And service to the greater whole

Creating the best quality life for ourselves
By connecting deeply with our inner spirit
Through the higher frequency emotions
Of compassion and kindness!