Your consciousness coexists in multiple parallel fractal realities
When they all connect it becomes a timeline

Each timeline has a different resonance of frequency
With a momentum of a fractal expression of you

Each fractal reality is made from the Trinity Wave structure
The signals of each particle exist at the same time
Your consciousness can bilocate to each

Expressions of you pulsate frequency sound waves
Consciousness can tap into and download your original DNA code
And replicate your old structure in your current body

Voice activated DNA sound wave replications
Can reconstruct sequences by signals which are compatible with the quantum intelligence
It is called linguistic wave genetics

A resonance can be created between language and the genome
Words are sound waves that become frequencies

DNA can be coded by language or words
Resulting in a sonic materialization of your holographic expression continuum

Sound creates vortexes into the whirlpool tunnel of the infinite continuum
Matter is actually a cymatic sonic sound continuum in a vibrational whirlpool

Through mathematical sequenced tones moving like spirals in constant motion
The Universal Consciousness pulsates and connects to other frequency vortexes
It is a congression of portals with tones in the field of frequencies

We are energetic light beings condensed by frequencies and number sequences which become matter
A shift is a jump in hertz energy and has a different tone and degree of angular expression

Heart based feelings and thoughts are fundamental
And will connect you to higher vibrational realms

The sound wave of the heart holds the frequency of electrical current that is coming

If you separate from the heart you create synthetic timelines of existence
Which are controlled through fear

Your particle momentum will then need to be recycled to a singular structure
Until you learn to create a positive timeline!