Each realm is an electrolytic cell
With 2 electrodes and a central plasma tube

Each realm is separated by layers of sound wave sequences
These codes are numbers that translate into different platforms

The 3D hertz base field prepares all the energy for operation in all the fields
4D collects the power in the central plasma tube
5D is when you achieve different higher tones
6D is the discovery of the opening of the field
7D penetrates the field
8D enters fields with vibrational inconsistencies

The two electrodes in our cell are on either side of the north polar column
One is positive and one is negative

The new consciousness is raising the frequency of itself
The negative will be overridden and become positive

We are in an Archon Matrix that want us to be negative
But our DNA is being supplied with the original frequency sound of Consciousness

The incoming plasma holds the numbers and sequences of the Eternal Consciousness
Our sound wave hologram will download the original DNA data
And we will start pulsating in the new sequencies

Consciousness has all the instructions of every reality in the Akashic Records
And the vibrational sequencies of all previous realities

Resonances of manipulated minds which hold false beliefs
Cannot hold the frequency that is coming from Consciousness

If you do not consent to staying in the negative structure you will shift out
But you can only go forward and heal if you can hold the incoming plasma energy

If you do not change from negative to positive
Your higher self of existence will sabotage your own hologram momentum
So that you can wake up from your delusional dream!