In Norse mythology Lif and Lifprasir survive the Ragnarok
By hiding in the Woods of Hood Mimis Holt

A Holt is a mountain fortress
And the woods refer to the World Tree

The Ragnorik is the battle of the gods in the north
And Lif and Lifprasor are Adam and Eve or Mars and Venus

Before this apocalypse is the Fimbulvetr of extreme winters
Lif and Lifprassor survive by consuming the Mountain Dew or the plasma ambrosia

The Iroquois say that Sky Woman or Venus gave birth to two twin sons Sapling and Flint
Who are the same as Cain and Abel or Mars and Mercury
Sapling killed Flint just like Cain slew Abel

King Arthur was Mars and his 12 knights of the Round table were celestial orbs
Just like Jesus and his 12 disciples at the Last Supper table

A sword was a celestial discharge
Sir Lancelot means one of many swords

The Holy Grail was on top of the plasma volcano or Holy Well
The Holy Well makes you well because of its electrons and energizing properties

At intervals it opens up a vortex in the heavens
And the secrets of the universe are revealed
Our realm is divided with other realms by plasma water

Cannibal means a con or a priest who speaks the praises of Baal
Baal was Mars in front of Saturn with horns and upraised arms or wings

Hebrew was the former universal language
Its words had power because of their resonance

Priests could not speak lies in Hebrew without trouble
It is also the basis for the story of Pinocchio

Hebrew letters were flipped upside down and backwards and became the English language
Direction of writing was also switched
Instead of right to left it became left to right

People became left brained and right handed
They thought more literally
The more spiritual right brain was desensitized

The Illuminati communicates to our subconscious
By backward writing and symbols that were historically a part of our language

Drug stores are sorcerer shops

Lies and deceit replaced virtue
Dignity has been abandoned
Greed and addiction has taken its place

The ones who presented themselves as Gods servants
Were cannibals that betrayed humanity

Time is bringing to light the hidden evil
That was sown in darkness!