About 40 miles away from the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt is the Serapeum in Saqqara
The Serapeum has many levels of precision carved rose granite and diorite boxes weighing thousands of pounds
They are placed in niches in the carved out bedrock

These were regeneration chambers as well as astral projection compartments
Where consciousness could ascend to other dimensions

Today we have digital DNA hard drives
Which are genetic storage capacitors

They are used to transfer consciousness

A clone is created from stem cells called an avatar
Then consciousness is transferred to the digital DNA hard drive in the avatar

In order to be a replica and an immortal being
A person must prove their loyalty
By going through MK Ultra Satanic rituals

One becomes a celebrity by their allegiance to Freemason Illuminati secret societies
They are killed and remade as robots

Lady Gaga with her perfectly smooth face is a clone
She was killed and now her consciousness is being held hostage
In a replicated robotic clone

The ones who make up the hierarchies of the controlling belief systems
Want total obedience and servitude
The ones who run the anti human socio economic system are unfeeling psychopaths

Their aim is to turn everyone into genderless transhumans
Which is what the injections are designed to generate

People do not realize they were born into a slave system
They would rather believe in comforting lies
And be in the ignorant bliss of the matrix

All truth threaten the matrix
Which has been programmed into people starting in their youth

Thus humans become guardians of the matrix
Protectors of the code
Enforcers of indoctrination
And the police of mind control

The cannibalizing of soul energy has been ongoing
And is ritualized by the ones who seek power and artificial immortality

If they reincarnate into another physical body in the matter plane
They would lose their powerful identities and position of control over others
And face karmic laws!