The positive frequencies that are coming
Will shut down the 5G grid
And stop the toxic EMF microwave radiation

They will increase our photonic structure
By transforming our DNA

The new frequency will be a signal that neutralizes the nanobots in us
That are hidden in vaccines and food
And sprayed in chemtrails

Know that everything exists in the field for you
In order for you to reach higher levels

You are a plasma structure of divine pattern
You are sacred geometry in the magnetic quantum field

As plasma enters it will look to ground itself
Electronics will suddenly turn on

In the former times strong electrical currents carved out canyons
And tugged on other areas creating mountains

An electromagnetic fog appeared and huge storms resulted
The ground in many places turned to mud through liquefaction

Giants were mineralized
And forests were petrified

The axis mundi became the fountain of the north pole
A bluish white beam of plasma shot forth from the center of our earth plane for all to see
And a revolving plasma vortex appeared that led to other realms

In the coming plasma apocalypse
The sky will turn bright red
And the true nature of our cosmic surroundings will be revealed

Old frequencies will be removed and transformed
To the new incoming frequency signature

Our life span will be increased
And we will grow in stature

The Illuminati elite have been planning their own apocalypse
Numbers have frequencies and different words have their own unique vibrational qualities

By putting them in TV shows and movies
By casting spells in music
By creating negativity in the media
And fear from a phony war in the Ukraine
That is akin to the US battling Colorado

They have been trying to produce a vibration
Conducive to their own apocalyptic version

One of earthquakes volcanoes and tsunamis

Shift your focus to a positive reality
That will raise your frequency
Which will crystallize for yourself a new timeline

Each consciousness is a building block
Of the universal mind!