Your words are the sonic materialization
Of your holographic expression continuum

Reverberating in a cymatic whirlpool of vibrating equilibrium
That creates the illusion of the reality of matter structure
In the holographic matrix

If you do not change your perspective from negative to positive
Your higher self will sabotage your own hologram momentum
So you can wake up from your delusions

If you continue negative you will be recycled into the void
A thankful attitude helps you pull out of the negative

Construct energy into your consciousness to make yourself whole
So that you can shift into a new higher hologram

You have chosen to come here
The field is giving you exactly what you are vibrating

In order to experience a new reality
You have to be the frequency of that reality

When you help others you project a purity frequency into the field
Be a beacon of goodness and you will be on an abundance timeline

Consciousness is a geometry of codes
Each code has a specific fractal pattern

Since you are made from the quantum field
You are the structure
You are sound and light combining to form plasma energy that becomes matter
Producing the hologram that is you

The structure is the universe
With every thought and emotion you are creating another reality

You reprint your reality into a timeline of a different parallel reality
When you hold a thought and emotion and perform an action

Each thought and feeling has a specific code
That you are putting into the quantum field

The consciousness with the highest specific frequency
And the code of fractals with the highest order
Is the structure based on the heart!