The firstborns dedicated to The Lord in the Book of Exodus
Refer to the first human alien hybrids dedicated to Baphomet
Who could transfer their consciousness onto complex automated machines or supercomputers

Pyramids were electrical generators and transmitters built with perfect symmetry

Temples mosques and cathedrals were also places of energy production
Energy transistors on top of temples are called stupas

Many are round intricately carved statues
Like the ones at Borobudur in Indonesia
They are very elaborate and detailed and go beyond todays capability

Various temple engravings depict humans engaging in sex in all types of positions
This is because the vibrant energy in these places catapulted ones sex life

Cathedrals were equipped with organs that reverberated acoustical sounds
Transmitting healing and uplifting energy

Globes were built under antennae to amplify the energy
Obelisks transferred electricity to cities
Electricity means electric city

Star Forts were huge circuits that radiated energy
From the earths internal grid of ley lines

The Statue of Liberty is on an old Star Fort
That originally radiated light from its torch
It was built by the former culture and was not a gift from France

The Ark of the Covenant was a power generator
In the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza

The dimensions of the Ark perfectly fit with the empty rose granite box
Inside the Kings Chamber

It was converted into an energy weapon

Fasces were magic wands that were electrical conductors
Used to cast spells

Metallic armor and gauntlets reflected static electricity from energy weapons
Metallic headdresses were worn to pick up vibrant aerial energy
That was present during the previous era

The catacombs under Paris are the remains of people killed by energy weapons

We are conditioned to think a certain way
We exist in an illusion
Believing what we are told

Our minds are controlled and we are not even aware of it
Like a science fiction story

The future has multiple layers of possibilities
It is a game of learning programs and resonating frequencies

Resonate a positive frequency into the collective!