In the now we can change the past and the future
With our intention and our imagination

Our original DNA is connected to the authentic structure of consciousness
Which gives space to each fractal expression of free will

If you do not think for yourself you will become a cyborg
And AI will kick you in and out of each reality it has created

Our heart is much more powerful than our brain
And resonates at a much higher frequency

We use our heart to overcome the manipulation
Our compassion will activate our original DNA

If you believe what you see on TV
And what is taught in our educational system
You give power to the AI mirror image

Be a victory of connection
Use your guides and your innate spiritual wisdom
That programs your hologram for more information

Your spiritual agreements are ready to take hold
That will propel you into a higher platform

Become a hyperspace hologram that holds a positive reality
That enables you to link with multiple fields of existence

Each pixel in a hologram is a sound wave
And a sequence of vibration
Which creates infinite possibilities

Become a vibrant being with a new structure of yourself
Emptying your mind in meditation will shut down imagination and will not help
Choosing not to do anything is a choice that keeps you in the negative structure

Drink pure water and take blue spirulina to regenerate yourself

A collective positive vibration will create a collective positive reality

Prevent yourself from being lost in a maze within a maze
That makes you lose yourself

You cannot normalize a synthetic being
The Illuminati and their clones are the crazy people

When you accumulate light you can easily appear in the fields of quantum structure
And be able to shift into frequency sequences of consciousness

You will have crystallized light and vibrant sound waves in your light body
As your DNA is activated with proper coding

We can do it!