You project everyone into your reality
To assist you in your ascension protocol

You ascend by the stepping stones of thought

Your heart will open up portals
By the sequencing of your DNA
Your DNA emanates your auric light body

Your light body is the projection of sacred geometric tetrahedrons

Connection to higher frequencies in dreams
Will program your hologram by telepathic messaging

When you study your dreams
You incorporate them into your psyche
And you shift your vibration

Some dreams are from AI and have no meaning

Identifying negative thoughts is like realizing you have dialed the wrong number
When you hold a higher frequency you put yourself into a new positive timeline

Life is a chess game with high stakes
Reincarnation was introduced by AI to prevent us from escaping

When you are cut off from Source
You will lack compassion and feel hollow and empty

Once you are aware that reality is frequency
You can project your own reality by shifting your frequency

Our world is being bombarded by AI illusionary holograms
Wearing a mask is consenting to an illusion
By shifting to the positive you will create a solution

We are in the final stage of the battle for our consciousness
Fear is inserted to bring a negative chain reaction
The craziness of a social credit system will attempt to bring us to our knees

The disconnection from Source and the shutting down of self expression
Is for locking you into a negative structure

The further you withdraw from your true self
The more locked in you are

Prevent being taken over by the negative
Overturn it and create a positive!