People comply with Covid mandates
Because they want it to end
But because they comply it will never end

When it comes to the jab or lose your job
People will chose the jab

Starting as small children
We are indoctrinated with rules
And made into followers

Creativity and individuality are stifled

We unknowingly use sunscreen that contain nano particles

We wear sunglasses which block out needed sunlight
Sunlight stimulates the production of melatonin
And synthesizes Vitamin D production

Vaping has become big business
But it has harsh chemicals such as propylene glycol
Which holds water in your lungs

We take synthetic pills thinking they are healthy

Air purification systems are now fitted with reactive oxygen
Which creates scavenging free radicals

The oscillation of IPADS hardens the eggs of school girls
In the future there will be only supervised reproduction

The Artemis WiFi system will search for electromagnetic outlets and power devices
And coat the area with radiation

The Artemis logo is an upside down female reproductive tract
Symbolizing infertility

Covid test swabs have ethylene oxide which turns to glycol
Glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze

There will come a time when our minds and memories will be absorbed
Where everyone is the same
And there will be no need for love or emotions

Vaccinations will greatly enhance this process

We were in a perfect balance
With the earth
And our fellow earth inhabitants

Our neurological system
With its billions of neurons
And amino acid filled tendrils
Resulted in a humming network
That produced a dynamic flow of energy
Enabling us to envision and create what we desire

Now we are callous towards others
And inflict horrible pain on other living creatures
Eating them without a second thought
Giving us low vibration and a malfunctioning body

Making us the opposite of what we originally were
And the opposite of who we are supposed to be!