The powers of love compassion forgiveness and generosity
Are healing and harmonizing forces

They open up the crystal heart
Which activates higher frequencies in the brain
They are intrinsically linked

We will not only love ourselves and other people more
But the earth and all of her creations
You will not want to eat other species

When knowledge is applied to higher frequencies
It taps into the morphogenetic layers
That exist in the Great beyond or God source
That contain our blueprints

Consciousness freedom is acquired
Greater feeling energies resonate
And your inner compass improves

When this is a collective process
New configuration grids are birthed

The earths grid system contains crystalline coded information
That can be interpreted by a crystal heart

The green wave light spectrum
Which connects to our realms ultraviolet spectrum
Has been targeted by alien machinery
Creating illusory belief systems
And producing personality distortions

This can also be restored by energetic currents
Of the collective consciousness

Our heart brain complex
Is part of the earths nervous system
Giving us cellular telepathy

When we close our hearts
We suffer from a crisis of consciousness

When the ego mind high stress or fear based thinking
Imprint themselves onto the genetic sequence
It blocks the natural cycle of ascension

Incoming higher frequencies which promote love and kindness
Are increasing mental pressure by molecular compaction of the human energy field

This energy can be released by expressing gratitude and reverence for all beings
And by demonstrating self love

As energy portals circulate throughout the diagonal grid system
It builds the crystalline heart

And becomes like a lotus plant in an etheric garden of beautiful flowers
With light and sound frequencies that contain an orchestra of inspiring fragrances
Restoring the invaded earth
And rejuvenating the human body!