Individual consciousness is the subjective ability to observe and remember
While interacting with the external world
In various degrees at various frequencies

Our souls are not confined to our biological structures

Our inner crystalline light forms energy waves
That can unify with rainbow colored fields of liquid plasma
Which make up the spectrum of frequencies
Of the nine realms in our particular universe

Our physical body has a vertical central column
That runs electrical currents
Which effects our etheric body
And can bloom our chakra flowers

This silicate crystal silver cord or God spark
Connects to the pineal gland
Which opens up the Crown Chakra

When activated our inner crystal palace
Will brighten our eyes
And allow us to hear celestial music in our sleep

As our dopamine levels rise
And neurotransmitter routes expand
And metabolism and blood flow increase
Our aura will shine

We will feel connected to the cells of earthly matter
And will want to be in nature

We will become more optimistic and easy going

Our soul or consciousness is made of layers of frequency
Which have light codes forming a blueprint

We radiate electrical impulses by our attitudes beliefs and emotions

How internal and external light codes get absorbed into our DNA
Determines our experience and how we perceive

Light is frequency from electrical energy
Light and sound travel as a wave
But when focused upon become particles
Because our consciousness is interacting with it

Our brain tunes us into different frequency settings

Our true self places value on all life
And when this happens we realize we a part of the larger Whole

As you act in harmony with the Natural Laws
You create harmony within yourself

You will lose boundaries
Your consciousness will shift
And you will transition into higher frequencies

You will expand
And will see that the Infinite is God
And God is Love!