There is no death
Just a transition to another location

If a chakra shuts down then your life force gets depleted
Technology exists that can rebuild your molecular structure based on vibration rates
And return your body to a young age

Consciousness is always moving and you are part of Consciousness
If you are on a negative timeline and it is time for ascension
Your higher self will put you on a new platform
Where you will exercise your sovereignty and assert your power by saying no

Transcendence is a momentum modality based on your molecular structure of consciousness
Which depends on the constructive elements you have built into your vibration

The reality you are perceiving is determined by the quantum momentum of the light codes you are projecting
As each sound and sub sound is implemented into the quantum structure new worlds are created
The vibration of the Fibonacci Sequence times ten is the creation of new worlds above the 3D dimension structure

Emotions are mathematical geometry imprints
They are your construction element
You have to be the change to see the change

You reproject realities according to the download that you have been given
Deja Vu is the merging of similar holograms that are reprinting themselves

Memory is emotional vibrational sequences
Which you reconstruct moment to moment

Synchronicity is vibrations embedded into the structure
Synchronization of numbers that you come across in your daily life
Tells you your location within the platform

Pay close attention to them
They either validate you
Or are telling you that you need to make a change

You can stop hurricanes by imprinting memory into water
Because water reprints memory
You can put your frequency vision into the water

You are Light Consciousness
And you are Source Energy!