Compassion is an important facet
That is required to expand consciousness
And connect to other sentient life forms

Sentience is the ability to have a subjective sensory perception
It is a characteristic of intelligent consciousness and awareness

Compassion towards animals expands our heart
Our heart is connected to our brain
And so we expand our intelligent energy

Which expands our own sentience
And allows us to perceive the interconnection of the Whole

Compassion is the key ingredient in developing human potential
And accessing higher knowledge

Sentience and the ability to feel goes beyond human life
Animals also have intelligent conscious energy or a soul

When we support those industries that chop up animals
Or when we ignore their ill treatment
We shoot down our heart based sentience
And lessen our ability for higher expression

All of our perceptions and behavior is recorded in conscious energy
Ultimately no one gets away with anything

The universe is composed of different frequencies
And we can only access those that match our vibrational frequency

If one has lower thoughts with unfettered behavior
Then they will be restricted to that reality

We project our reality through our frequency

There are many frequencies that are above the human senses
And outside of our current visible light spectrum

Just because one cannot sense their energy
Does not mean they do not exist

The higher we attune ourselves
And the more we are aware of the sentience around us

The more we will express our immortal spirituality

In our continuing adventure
Of our multidimensional universe!