Karma echoes from past lives
And is deeply intertwined with synchronicity

The strands of your existence
Are woven with the golden threads of previous epochs

The tapestry of cosmic karma
Binds you with dimensions and ties you to densities

Ethereal connections are the legacy of ancient allegiances and bonds
That you carry forward

With every deed of generosity
You catalyze the flow of unseen energies that weave through our lives

Each encounter becomes a confluence of karmic debt
Mixed in with divine destiny
And a portion of the present reality

You navigate a maze shimmering with echoes from life times past
That cast long shadows upon the canvas of your soul

The law of karma is every action generates a force that returns to us
And what we send out into the cosmos comes back to us

Life is a gift

As you scroll down the mystical wonders
Be thankful
And let your presence cast a luminescent glow!