Project Looking Glass is image capture technology of souls
It projects the exact replica into other timelines
To be used to create false realities

These artificial realities can be inverted into our world
To incite trauma or false beliefs
Which makes humans vulnerable to take over

Entity attachments affect our mind and emotional states
Their energetic consequence can be cumulative over many lifetimes
Which cause actions that have an inherited karmic outcome
Resulting in DNA modification

The fact that humans automatically think thoughts
That follow the alien agenda
Shows we have given their thought form our consent
Even without our conscious intention

Many family lines who have a history of genetic experimentation
Are recruited into these covert military operations

These people who have this genetic predisposition
Make it easy for aliens to use them as a host body
And a portal for alien consciousness

Many people also are abducted
And hybridized with alien genetics
For use in covert operations

Such as breeding programs and slave labor
And sold as sex slaves in off world bargaining

All branches of the military have hidden abduction and hybridization programs

To get humans to succumb to their ownership and accept their predator mind
Reptilian DNA is inserted along with various injections
Also intimidation torture and mind control is used

Most humans are in consent with the predator mind
We are given a false history to believe it is natural
Making it easier for humans to be invaded
By an array of negative spiritual attachments

The more distorted a persons thought pattern is
The more predatorial their behaviors are

It is clear when someone is controlled by alien attachments
They feel creepy and fake from assuming a forced identity

Through alien mind control our thoughts are manipulated
Resulting in an energetic signature or vibrational quality
That determines our reality!