Our bodies are fantastic biological computers
That we use to experience this reality

Our nervous system amplifies the richness and quality of experience
But what we perceive is from a narrow field of frequencies
Of the electromagnetic spectrum

We base our entire experience
On the minute sliver observable to us
And assume it is reality

It is but a tiny fraction of what is there

We are not our physical bodies

The more you are tied up in your ego
The more you will disconnect
With the infinite that you really are

All matter is slow vibrating energy

Our thoughts and emotions are energy
Which we put out into the environment

The universe is a vast web of connected particles
It is a single quantum system with interdependent relationships

Particles are in communication with each other at all times
They are all part of this energetic wave flow

Quantum information travels at infinite speed
So all is one
And the universe would never be what it is without you

The quantum world is a vast array of probabilities
That dissolves solid matter into interconnections

At the most fundamental level
Is a state of infinite possibilities

This atomic reality needs to have observers
To determine the outcome

The universe is actually a great thought
And molded by many individual thoughts

Which collectively is a great mind
That arranges particles in vibration

The divine matrix we are experiencing
Is a collection of passions fears and desires

We are the paintbrushes
And quantum particles are the paint!