Every time you shift it is a new hologram
If you stop the emotion you stop the signal

If you do not feel the victim you will feel the power
Reclaim your worthiness by making friends with your loneliness

Reality is a code of numbers in a complex mathematical system
Consciousness is giving you exactly the code you send

The control of frequencies is fundamental
You hold the power in your emotion

Create your own truth
You got to create it to see it

The mirror image of the reality that you have chosen to think of is true
Plaster the holographic expression you want

Do not give up
You need the construct of the waveform to be very strong

Creating a reality is incredible
Your frequency sound codes determine your location within the quantum field

Hold the power that you have
If you feel it slipping pull back and observe

Maintain neutrality
Then blast the correct frequency into your timeline

You are replacing one code with another
Your signal needs to be potent
And conversion needs consistency

You are an expression of infinite power!