As the world appears to have gone completely crazy
Through mass mind control
And consciousness suppression of the citizens of this dense plane
Plasma rays are integrating our bodies

But this is a production so big
A performance so vast
A play of such cosmic proportions
That it is almost unimaginable

Senate inquiries into what is being injected by the vaccines
Such as spike proteins which bind to genes and create cancer
81 strands of foreign bacteria that produce chronic inflammation
MRNA which changes our DNA
8 strands of HIV that will eventually shut down the ability to make white blood cells
Therefore cutting off ones natural immunity

Are filled with actors pretending to be health experts
Reporting to the Freemason Senator who pretends to care

These politicians report directly to the hybridized elite
Who are representatives carrying out the negative alien agenda

When I was a teenager I was hiking in the Selkirk Mountain Range
At the top of a mountain I stepped onto a glacier of snow
I lost my balance and immediately fell

I started racing down the glacier on my back
Quickly picking up speed with no way to stop myself
And heading for a huge cliff with a very substantial drop off
Below which was a bunch of rocks and boulders

For quite a few seconds I was convinced this was the end

Then I noticed there was one bush at the cliffs edge
And I was heading straight for it

I smashed into it real hard
But it was strong enough to stop me

There was a couple feet at the cliffs edge
Where the snow had melted
Which allowed me to walk over to a dry area
Where I could get back on the trail

This is a snapshot of where humanity is now

But theres only one bush
Between a large glacier
And a very high drop off!