Saturn is our source
But Saturn is not the Source

Energy was ejected as souls into the void
Which is the space between Saturn and its ring system

Other beings were ejected by other suns

Our whole universe is a projection of thought

Each humanoid insectoid and reptilian cocreated their own worlds

They are as diverse as humans are
And many are now disconnected from their higher selves

They created artificial intelligence
And lost their higher view

The disconnected ones have infiltrated our creation
And are manipulating us as puppets for their own agenda
Diminishing our frequency
Disconnecting us from nature

They get us to believe in something
And we create it with our energy

There is an underground civilization in the Artic
With reptilians and advanced humans

Edward Leedskalnin who created the Coral Castle in Florida
Was from the inner earth

Crystal cities are built there
By inserting a blueprint into music
And adding chemicals to the crystals

Mars was created by Venus
To bring life energy to beings in this matrix

Mars achieved sentience and did not follow his purpose

Some people are the result of alien body pods
But they still can connect themselves to the Source

And some are spirit beings projected into this reality from the outside

Alien technology has impacted our instruction sets
But the main negative power source has been neutralized

The minions are still pushing the old plan forward
Even though it will ultimately fail!