Your aura is your personal holographic architecture
That controls the functioning of your consciousness

The first stage of energetic mastering
Is directing your frequency with the focus of your mind

The influence and vibrational impact is relative
To the strength and clarity
And will be amplified by focusing

Connecting to the earth is the anchor
Which will align you to your original blueprint

When you pierce the frequency fence
And rise above the controllers artificial matrices
You then can build spiritual links to benevolent forces

The deep levels of our heart complex
Open the gateways to Universal Intelligence

We experience ourselves as a dream
Of what we believe it is to be a human being

Our individual mind the collective human soul and the earth consciousness
All exist at uniquely different frequency rates
Or level of energetic intelligence called sentience

Every species has their subjective personal experience
That develops their higher sensory perception

The flow of our spiritual energy is blocked when we consume others

The future direction of our consciousness and its multidimensional timeline
Are standing at a critical mass of prospective possibilities

Access your own inner spiritual energetic essence
And radiate a new re encrypted outward emanation!