Revelation 8:10 says
A great star from heaven descended like a burning torch
And was a source of wormwood

Revelation 12:4 says One third of the stars from heaven
Were cast down to the earth
And the waters became wormwood

Wormwood means curse in Hebrew
It is a source of agony and bitterness

On October 25 a fake solar eclipse is planned in Virgo
Comet Leonard is then supposed to collide with an asteroid
And scatter in all directions

The major fragment is supposed to hit the Atlantic Ocean
Volcanoes and tsunamis will then occur

November 1 is the Day of the Dead in Mexico
In the movie Watchers cities are deluged on November 1

Forces beyond the material world
Are profoundly connected to human consciousness

They can be called upon to offset planned events
Within this 3rd dimensional reality

The apocalypse is nigh
And death descends upon the cities
Only if we allow it

The music industry is set up to cast spells upon people
Entities are conjured into the master recording

Before it is sent out
The master is placed on an alter above a pentagram
During a full moon

13 witches and wizards are called in to summon principalities

The lyrics contain witch language
Which are words with hidden meanings
In the form of spells

Hollywood is full of clones with loaded programs
And await their marching orders

Many others are not human
They are walk ins who have overtaken the person
And then mimic their behavior

Clones frequently commit suicide or jump to ascend to a higher body
A runaway train is a person who has sold their soul for stardom
Light my fire is radiation from the synthetic chakra system of the clone body

The 911 window jumpers from the twin towers were programmed clones

Most people do not want to hear the truth
And are unable to process it all
They live out their lives oblivious to the timed matrix

Truth is foolishness to them

Access your God consciousness
Every being has a right to be sovereign

Do not think of yourself as a victim
But rather as a conqueror!