The first stage of spiritual awakening concerns the heart
Manifesting in kindness and compassion
For ourselves and others as well as other species

This will expel the negative ego
And trauma based mind control
Used by the controllers to shut down the higher heart center

And will also result in the removal of alien hybrid genetic codes
Which shapes frequency patterns

These lower vibrations connect us to artificial networks and phantom matrices
That blare the foghorns of fear
Resulting in compliance
And the automatic belief in the plannedemic
Which keeps humanity marching towards mass genocide

All of which are consciousness traps

We are like a massive radio receiver
Interacting with all life energy
And having the ability to tune into any transmission
We wish to express

The choice of personal frequency
Matters more than you realize

The individuals who are willing to change their consciousness
Will naturally find themselves in harmony
With the shifting frequencies that are occurring

The next wave of activation comes from assorted wave transmissions
From various stellar bodies which encompass encoded light symbols

The individual is then interlinked with specific frequency arrangements
For the bio neurology of each person

These arrangements group together
To form complex mathematical patterns and progressions
That hold a set of instructions
Of how to organize the power of sound vibration and frequency
Which then result in manifestation in physical matter

This then activates our multidimensional structure
Which is our true being

Whatever frequencies and energetic signatures
That are present during the physical passage
Will determine where the consciousness will travel to
During the death passage!