During September of 2020 fire leveled the town of Paradise California
They say it was caused naturally
But there was no stormfront
And there was no warning

Instantaneous fires broke out in different areas
Coming suddenly at night

The aftermath showed whole neighborhoods being disintegrated
But trees between houses were left unscathed

These fires were the result of direct energy weapons

But it was not only California
Oregon was hit hard

Much of Talent Oregon was obliterated
Medford Ashland Detroit and Phoenix Oregon
All had whole neighborhoods expunged

Smaller towns such as Blue River Nimrod and Vida were wiped out

Farther north in Washington towns like Moulton were targeted

These were also hit in the same way that Paradise California was
By lasers strapped onto fast moving military airplanes

This has been going on for hundreds of years

No human in their right mind would do this

This is part of the alien agenda
And the reptilian human hybrids who are the elite
Called homo capensis with slightly cone shaped heads

They transfer their souls into new cloned bodies

They run the secret societies
Who are enforcing the restrictions of the fake pandemic

Their plan is to take away our rights little by little
Until we give in and take the shot
That will put us under the control of The Cloud quantum computers

They oppose the Divine Source
And rely on human blood for energy
Along with a negative low vibration
To keep them earth compatible

Cells entropy and dysfunction without a spiritual life force

Which is a law
Of the Guardian of Forever!