What your dominant emotion is
Is what the universe will put you in

You are the power that projects your reality
Your reality is your holographic timeline

Do not reject the structure
Be thankful for the negative

Understand where you are in the quantum field
Knowing negativity helps you to choose positive

Delete negative thoughts to neutrality
Neutrality is the zero point where no frequency is coming in or going out

Say action and act as a positive person
Action increases emotion
Increased frequencies vibrate a potent projection onto the quantum structure

You shift realities with emotion from a clear mind
Begin in a neutral state

If you stay positive you will override old frequencies
And put yourself in a positive hologram

When you stay in the new frequency
You will experience instant manifestation

If you have a fluctuating waveform
You will shift randomly back and forth

Doubt shame anxiety drops you
Each level of reality has its own vibrational geometric code

Project beauty around you
Be a positive force for all life!