When your subconscious mind wanders during sleep
Into the astral layers

You might hear the energetic impressions
From ancient spiral vortex systems
Which act as a massive sound resonator
That plays celestial music in the ether
Elevating human consciousness

Emanations from the Aldebaran star
And the Taurus Constellation
Are entering into the Avebury area
Reflecting mathematical architecture
Through the local ley lines

These are called the St. Michael ley lines
And they diagonally cross Avebury

They weave into the 12 primary ley lines of the World Grid
Which are called the Dragon Lines

Dragon Lines reflect the zodiac patterns
Which energetically interact with the earth

The large constellation of Ophiuchus
Straddles the celestial equator
And is now considered the 13th sign of the Zodiac Wheel

Its astrological energy holds the Laws of Creation
And the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One

The stars Aldebaran and Antares function as a pair
Opening the Universal Gates of the cosmic time cycle
And impacting the St. Michael lines in the United Kingdom
Then spreading into the Dragon Lines

Emerald frequencies from Saturn the Cosmic Father will be reintroduced
Connecting our emerald heart to the Cosmos

Hyperborea or the City of God
Which is the rings and moons of Saturn will be reanimated

Heralding the return of the Golden Age and the Edenic State

The doors of the trans time continuum will be opened
To experience the infinite space of our universe

The Canis Major and Carina constellations
And the transmissions of the stars Canopus and Sirius
Will be the final outlet for the spiritualization of our matter world

Higher geomantic configurations and instruction sets
Will descend into chalice formations
Replenishing the quality of our life force

Energize your root chakra
To be grounded and balanced

Energize your sacral chakra
To have equilibrium in relationships

Energize your solar plexus
To serve your highest spiritual expression

Energize your heart chakra
To direct forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others

Energize your throat chakra
To speak compassionately and authentically

Energize your third eye chakra
To access higher wisdom intuition and truth

And energize your crown chakra
To connect to higher dimensions
That lead to the Mind of God!