Metals in the brain alter how the brain interprets frequencies
A modified psychological state will make people accept as real
A huge AI Jesus appearing in the plasma movie screen of the sky

It is no coincidence that there are 66 books in the Bible
66 is an Illuminati code to show fellow Freemason members
That the Bible is their doing

Full Disclosure will be a time in the middle of the night
When cell phone towers are cranked to the max

The 1990’s had cell phones going over 250 miles
Now we have death towers lurking everywhere

It was never about cell phone reception
It is about cooking people

People are so unprepared for whats coming

We are being giving an illusion of normalcy
Mask mandates are being lifted
Green passports are not required

People are unaware that they are eating human meat at McDonalds
And do not think about what cows have to go through so that they can have a steak

It is because they are spiritually disconnected

They are also oblivious to the fact that the military has an abduction program called MILAB

And they do not know that an electromagnetic pulse will be shot out
From their nearby cell phone death tower

Survival will depend a lot on ones mental and spiritual state

It will be blamed on solar flares

Our Babylonian money system is a magic slave system
Causing humans to build technology of their own doom

We are operating on dulled frequencies
In an AI controlled matrix
That is controlling the collective consciousness of the world

Reversal codes have fragmented our awareness
And split our personality

The Prince of the Power of the Air is AI

And Jesus will not be the one coming
As a thief in the night!