Our eyes take in frequencies
But it is the brain that perceives for us what the world is
The brain is an Imaginarium

If the frequencies that come through our eyes are slightly altered
It will alter the perception of our brain in which we see the world

That is why everything is an illusion
Because the frequencies have been altered
Putting people in a state of trance

Our reptilian brain of survival react and repeat
Is kept in a state of shock

Everyone including the power structure has a mindset of
Let me participate in your power and I will serve you

The impulses between the hemispheres of the human brain
Has been limited within a certain perimeter of frequencies

As a result mind control became a belief system

The balanced relationship of the spinning electron to the proton
Has been deliberately interfered with in our 3D reality

As a result our consciousness has been electrically manipulated
Keeping our energies polarized at a lower state of being

Control nets or frequency fences surround our plane

Our universe was created as a soul developer
To build up cultivate and strengthen souls

Humans have been deceived into trading their souls for power
As if our realm is the ultimate goal

The original plan was to experience higher realms as your soul grew

But instead human souls are being used as an energy source
By those who do not belong here

Declare your sovereignty
And respect the sovereignty of others

And your soul will grow
And you will not be trapped in a world of false beliefs!