We live in an extremely corrupt hierarchal system of power
That is based on money

People equate status and value with the accumulation of money and wealth
And judge others who have less then themselves as being inferior

People at the top are morally bankrupt
And are easily exploited by dark forces

Their obsession with greed and materialism
Condones anything as long as it makes them a profit

Bankers Intelligence Agencies and Politicians are above the law
The illusion of the Rule of Law is created by the mass media

Money has become the true god
And is valued above the lives of others
But nobody wants to admit it

The medical and pharmaceutical industries do not want us healthy
They only profit when we are sick

The educational system gets grants by teaching false versions of history
They get endowments from the meat dairy and egg industries to tell lies
About the ill effects of consuming animals and their secretions
And how they should actually be treated

The banking system wants to drown us in debt
Keeping us as indentured servants in a debt slavery system
While they create money out of thin air

The media only cares about what their sponsors think

Religion wants us to subjugate ourselves to some guy in a robe

Even small businesses will not hesitate to exploit you for their own profit
And are willing to dive deep into the depths of degeneracy

People are selling their souls for money wealth and status
The sell out of the human race is easily accomplished through greed

The expenditure of our time energy and talents is the real value of exchange
That is supposed to be represented by currency

Personal wealth should start with the inner self
If we put our energy towards the Universal Law of Unity
And the belief that all living beings in this world have souls

We will then build inner prosperity
And find fulfillment in life

We should value virtues while also honoring personal merit and expertise

When we spread positive energy by contributing to the well being of others
We circulate a lasting medium of exchange

We can listen to our inner guidance in times of financial insecurity
And be lead in the right direction
Not depending on validation from the material world!