Those who know the least obey the best
And it is easier to fool people
Than convince them they are being fooled

Walk into a vax clinic and start saying
The vaccine is a bioweapon
And they will call the police on you

Walk into a church and say that Jesus was not god
And they will scream at you that you are going to hell

Walk into a university lecture and start saying that the given paradigm
Has its origin in the Illuminati Cabal
And by putting your faith in science
You are putting your faith in Satanism
They will think you are a madman

Walk into a group of war protestors
And say the whole war is a stage and a show
And that you are a naive and gullible audience
That is being mind controlled

That the Ukrainian internet shut down
Not because of a Russian attack
But because it was turned off

And that Russia is being portrayed as a villain
That our military will send an electromagnetic pulse
That will shut down our grid

It will be blamed on a Russian nuke
And the US and Russia will start killing each other
Which will escalate into a world war

They will laugh at you

Walk into a political gathering and say that Joe Bidon is a clone
And he is intentionally being portrayed as a senile old man
And a bumbling lunatic

And that Donald Trump and his fake wife are reptilians
Inhabiting synthetic bodies

Security guards will rush over and tackle you to the ground

Walk into a restaurant or fast food place
And start showing them slides of how animals are killed at a slaughterhouse
And telling them how unhealthy it is to eat them
They will get mad at you and call you names and tell you to leave

When you go down the rabbit hole
It will make the world you thought you knew
No longer exist

Awareness will change the game
And like in the movie Divergent
You will no longer fit into any group!