Our body is a manifestation of pre matter instruction sets
With extensive connecting tissue and complex crystalline webbing

Our consciousness projects the blueprint
Which externalizes the holographic projection
That generates the spectrum of frequency waves
Which makes up our harmonic universe

Each realm has a frequency barrier
That is produced by architectural laws
Of electromagnetic mathematical programming

In order to expand our life force current
The energetic connection to the primal light source must be made
Because it holds the original divine human blueprint
Of the entire 12 strand DNA

The primal light source is outside of our time matrix

Interconnected energy layers control our internal energy layers
Which govern the holographic projection of our timeline
That we experience while incarnated in these harmonic realms

These external energy layers contain instruction sets
That pass into our personal DNA template
Which act as building beams of life force currents
That are added to our inner spiritual dwelling

Thus we become multidimensional beings of higher consciousness
As was the original intention

When the macrocosm architecture undergoes a radical shift
It will alter the configuration of the human energy field
Producing radical changes in our life style and relationships

You will know that you are aligned to the source field of cosmic waves
When you practice unconditional love
And see every being as important and connected to the unified whole

When our spiritual connection is reaffirmed
And our energy field accumulates
We will be able to transcend obstacles
That blocked our highest expression

We will release our unhealed issues
And direct healing to others

And will be in rhythm
With the harmonic universe!