There have been an 1100 percent increase in military deaths
Due to the vax with the added HIV protein

The HIV disables the auto immune system
So that the lipid nano particles can enter the cells
Which are little bombs that produce pathogenic proteins

They manipulate the genes and change the DNA
But it is called gene therapy

A person with 3 jabs has no immune system left whatsoever
And it is called auto immune deficiency syndrome

The Pfizer and Moderna shots has given everyone full blown AIDS
With HIV proteins

Protestant and Catholic churches are in full support of the vaccine
Catholic priests are saying that even though the vaccine contains human fetuses
It is still a God Send

Mormon leaders are telling their followers to be good Mormons and get vaxxed
Islam leaders are telling Moslems the vaccine is a gift from Allah
Even Buddhist leaders are supporting the vax

Judaism rabbis are said to be 100 percent behind the vax
And Israel is said to be the most vaxxed country in the world
This is just a ruse to get everyone else vaxxed

Christian leaders are adamant that this is not the Mark of the Beast
That is in the Book of Revelations
The few pastors who are not affiliated with the Freemasons
Are forced to take this position

Even though the Mark is not visible yet
It will be when the needle array patch is introduced

And the restrictions on those who have not been vaxxed
Are just the initial stages of the Beast economic system
Until one cannot buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said
The UK will be 100 percent vaccinated this year

The vax is the Final Solution
The ones who survive will be a new race of genetically altered beings

They will be transhumans with direct access to the Cloud
But devoid of any emotion

Their beliefs will be from the AI supercomputer
They will be of a hive mind
Incapable of independent thought!