Congratulations you have made it to the ascension process
Of higher evolved humans

You will construct with your higher consciousness
And project heart frequencies into the collective

Consciousness is a fractal within a fractal
It is guiding itself among infinite possibilities

You will teach yourself how to go into any reality and shift the timeline
You will become a master and no one will be able to manipulate you

You create an ascension process according to your understanding

The only way to learn is to have something happen to you
That is similar to what you did to others

Stay on the heart moment to moment
And you will crystallize your holographic expression
Onto the 5th dimensional platform

Do not react and drop your emotion into the negative
You will then fluctuate or completely go into a negative timeline
And the quantum structure will mimic the negative sequence you project

Your dreams are specifically formulated for you
They are permission slips to tune into other realities
Dreams will show you literally and symbolically that your soul is gaining higher knowledge

Benevolent beings will come to you and guide you through the process
They will teach you to become a self aware vessel of the energetic field

They will monitor you and download frequencies in you
They will show up in your dreams or even pop up beside you

Music in dreams will vibrationally connect you to higher realms

Barriers are there to help you
To put you in touch with your bigger purpose

If you limit polarity you limit yourself

You act out your hologram of ascension according to what you believe
So be inspired and project an enjoyable timeline experience!