When we are one with our heart
We are in coherence
And can manifest our creational power

The law of attraction is the law of resonance
We bring into our lives what we draw through
Our energetic heart based thought

Our body and our reality is a projection of our consciousness

The cell structure creates the holographic world in our DNA
We create through our DNA by observing

Thought by itself is limiting
It is psychopathic because it is limited to the mental field
We need a heart consciousness

We are being socially engineered by AI
A heart consciousness is not compatible with AI

We are surrounded by other civilizations
Some are here to exploit us and exploit our resources

We have the ability to create
And to decide what we are going to feed this reality
Our reality is subject to us

We have to revive our heart
And embed our thoughts in heart consciousness

We have a belief in scarcity
Believe in abundance

The 5G grid is to oppress people
And keep them in a sad state of affairs

Free energy is our true inheritance
Imagine you are pulling source energy into our reality

The pyramids were built with the power of thought
By using the pineal gland to see
Longitudinal and scalar wave patterns

We live in recursive nows
Wave patterns go into the future and the past
Changing the now

The past is growing and the future is growing
Jump in and be creational
And reconstitute your 3D world!