We can create our reality
By the energy we carry

When we look at a man crucified on a cross
We energize our own enslavement

When we promote shame and guilt
And salvationist thinking
Our own inner spirit gets crucified

Our belief determines our reality
We judge reality by the response of our senses

If we judge something to be unreal
Then that is what it is

Physical laws though cannot be ignored
Existence cannot be without them

Physical reality is consistent with universal laws

Where the laws do not operate
There is no reality

But once we are convinced of a certain reality
We abide by its rules

When we believe we cannot be harmed
Then that will be our reality

The smallest doubt though will allow it to happen

Look at negative forces as shadows and illusions
As specters without a body
To be ignored

With good intent you will harmonize your space
And stabilize your surroundings

You will build for yourself a protective platinum shield

When you amplify good energy
You can thwart ill intent and change timelines

You can even stop cataclysms

We are meant to be a positive life force energy

Glow with confidence

And shine to others
That it is a blessing to be alive!