A hardened infrastructure has been installed to withstand an EMP attack
Thick wires in highly insulated cables will absorb an EMP pulse
This is the smart grid that will soon go in affect

When the EMP happens people will think it is a nuclear fallout
They will think Russia has attacked
So they will obey emergency instructions

But Putin and the Ukranian President are just players
They are cloned actors in a theatre

The mainstream media serves a narrative
That does not objectively report anything
They are there to control the thought process

And guide the geopolitical train down the tracks
That have already been laid

In other words if you believe what you see on TV you are an idiot

We are being put on a sentient world simulation
We are becoming nodes in a computer matrix
Who need to be uploaded with new algorithms

Our brain will be trained to listen to a computer
And we will be given avatars to interact in this mirror world

We will become one with the holographic matrix
Being projected through metallic particles by energy beams

Our brain will decipher photons beamed into us

Low frequency waves are telling us that a rapture is about to happen
And an alien invasion is about to occur

We will be monitored 24/7
By somewhere in Ashkenazi Israel

Our original source code held trinity wave formats
Known as Crystal Star Tones
That circulated eternal life through the spark of creation

If we resonate to higher frequency tones
We can become like acupuncture points influencing group consciousness
Our body will undergo a biological upgrade

If we know mind control is coming
If we can sense the outside signal
If we know someone is trying to induce a thought in my brain
Then it will not work

The brain is supposed to be a tool
To get what we want through the heart

Pull yourself into your heart
Then you will be centered and think clearly!