We are the projector
This reality is a projection of our spirit

If you want to change the reality
Then you have to work with your spiritual setup

You have to take responsibility for self healing

When you focus on world governments and their programs
You give them your energy and more power
And you will continue in a reality where they have all the power

If you just acknowledge what they are doing without focusing on it
Then you will not have resonance with them

We are at the moment ascending to a higher density
With a more complex consciousness
That is why the upper echelon is desperate to hook us up
To a computer hive mind

Where they have technological control of emotional fields
And can hijack thoughts with binary signals

They want us to experience programming codes as our own thoughts
And put our personality into a computer avatar
That is run by algorithms

They need the 5G grid for full control
Because it delivers the necessary magnetic field

Believe in the natural laws where you cannot trick karma
The Black Magic system wants to be in artificial laws
Where humans serve AI not vice versa

Believe in unity and in the golden light of love

They want artificial bodies to achieve immortality
To rule for all of eternity

They want to transfer their consciousness into an artificial brain
And give us a controlled robotic copy of our body

Reality starts with your mind
Have the discernment to make the right choices
And ascend!