Hundreds of deep underground military bases called DUMBS
Function as underground cities

Almost every major city in America have tunnels that connect to them

People are kidnapped through these tunnels to be used as experiments
In hybridization cloning and consciousness transfer

Clones are a carbon copy of a person
That is implanted in an embryo

A synthetic is grown out of animal tissue
But the DNA is extracted from a person

Clones of celebrities are a desired item
They have been implanted with the soul of a kidnapped person
Usually a young child

Britany Spears has been cloned hundreds of times
Clones are custom copied from any original human on demand

Most all actors now are controlled clones
They have to do what they are told or they will be turned off

They do not always know what to say in public appearances
So they will appear nervous and not smile very much

Aubrey Plaza is a good example

Clones are made as easy as making copies on a printer
They are expendable because they have no family or life to go back to

Aliens are using synthetics and clones as vehicles

If the public knew what was going on they would be horrified
And lose faith in our government

The military has given consent to non humans
In exchange for technology

Memory and emotion is downloaded into a computer for soul transference
This is alien soul capturing technology

Organic robotoids are soulless
They look and act exactly like a human
It eats drinks breaths and bleeds
But thinks in a way a computer thinks

The goal is to turn everyone into bio robots

The swab test is coated with smart dust
It is also in the hydrogel in the Covid vaccine

The smart dust has thera grippers
Which clamps onto the intestinal walls

This is to build a third strand of DNA
Which can be programmed

If people understood this they would never comply
They created a fake problem and a fake solution
So people would demand to take it!