We do not die
We just shift realities and continue

Your family and friends can reprint you
And project you back into their reality

Different realities run simultaneously
If you recognize the negative ones
You will not be caught up in the manipulation

Spirituality is inextricably connected to health
When you flush out the poisons and toxins
Your cellular structure rejuvenates
And reverberates to a higher cause

Positive affirmations will switch the DNA code
And change your molecular structure
They increase the identity of who you really are

If you switch diets do so slowly
It takes time to change your atomic spin structure

It is possible to create the molecular structure
To exist only on the Aether and water

Our earliest ancestors thrived on the life giving energy of plasma
That was abundant in an earlier age
A plasma surge will soon once again inundate our realm

Our heart holds the codes for new portals
When you reach a specific resonance you will not decay
And you can live in your current body forever

Move to the next platform of vibrational sequence
Your consciousness will then expand its influence
And will collapse negative structures

When you are vibrating with the magnetic density of the quantum field
You can easily construct and destruct realities

The earliest humans had a silicon based crystalline structure
That allowed them access to the multiverse

Our DNA sequences hold the same codes but need to be activated

When you hold positive frequencies
You are allowing your higher self to manifest through you

When you focus on the negative
You cause a glitch in your DNA

You then allow negative frequencies of others
To be projected into your holographic reality
And you are put on a negative timeline

Project a positive version of yourself
You have the power
You are the creator of your reality!