Your mind is a computer
You can download your thoughts and requests

Manifestation is a result of your mind
It will appear as reality

You are the Creator
You are the Source

If you believe that
Then you are

It is not about religious belief
It is about frequency

The moment you give something energy
It wins

What happens is not a coincidence
It is a result of vibrations interweaving

Every time your frequency changes
You visit other realms subconsciously

You will go where your energy resides

98 percent of our DNA is not activated

Nature calms your mind
And activates your DNA
As you absorb negative ions

Thoughts push into energy
Energy into frequency
Frequency into reality

You cannot manifest in a low vibration

You got to feel it in your heart to manifest
Connect the heart to mind

No negativity allowed
Find a way to be happy

Transcend your limiting beliefs

Life is a grand expression!