Before something manifests in the physical world it has it’s beginnings in the spiritual plane.
During sleep your spirit floats upward and your subconscious mind connects to the vibrational patterns of the spirit world.
That is how dreams becomes psychic.

The motto of the Illuminati who are the High Level Free Masons is Ordo ab Chao.
Which means Order out of Chaos.

So what exactly will be the chaos before the planned new order?

A reader of mine shared a dream:

There was an object in the sky resembling another moon.
It was blue and seemed to crash into the ocean.
Which created a big earthquake.
Everyone freaked out thinking it was the end of the world.
Then a blue celestial sphere appeared.
And out stepped a person of pure golden light.
With a face shining like the sun.
He opened up his arms and put his palms out.
And people thought it was Jesus.

Is something like this in the plans?

There are many events that could be a part of the chaos before the new world order begins.

Stock Market Crash
Loss of jobs
Oil embargos
escalating gasoline prices
unavailability of products
closure of businesses
Food shortages
required vaccinations
Fema Camps
Civil unrest
Martial law
World War 3

The Denver Airport which opened in 1995 has in it’s environs a top secret military base.
Construction of this 8 level underground military complex has been going on since the early 80’s.
There are tunnels with high speed trains that connect to bases in other states.

As in Area 51 all workers follow military rules and are sworn to secrecy.
But if something out of the ordinary is seen it’s hard to remain quiet.

I used to live in Denver and I know there is a lot of talk about what exactly is going on.
It is frequently said Denver will replace Washington DC as the new government headquarters.

In the airport there are strange displays:
There is a wild horse that has flashing red eyes.
Most people think it represents the Denver Bronco football team.
But could it be a horse of the apocalypse?

One display has an incoming comet.
Another display has an incoming tsunami.

One displays sarcasm about the idea that the underground network is the new administration and command center of the Illumanti.
Another one displays sarcasm that there are Lizard People down there.

Will the Corona virus be the Great Initiator that heralds in the New World Order?

People who don’t take the upcoming vaccination for the Corona virus will be shunned as a potential carrier.
But if one knows the truth of the history of vaccines they will not get one.

What are they going to put in this vaccine?
Probably a mishmash of items similar to what they’re dropping on us in chemtrails.
Obviously they want those items inside of us.

5G technology will be widely rolled out this year in 2020.
Will 5G be a triggering device?
Will the microwave frequencies of 5G interact with what has been put inside of us?

Why are there dropping polymer fibers in the chemtrails?
Are these fibers going to act like antennae to receive the frequencies?

Cell phone towers are equipped with massive cables of thick copper.
Each cable line is capable of transmitting over 300,000 watts of microwave energy.
Which means millions of watts of power to the surrounding area.

It looks like the needed frequencies are just about in place ready to go.
One to cull the population.
One to control it.

When people start to suddenly drop dead.
Will it be blamed on the rapture?

Will it be said they all went to be with the Lord.
And they left their bodies behind because they got new ones?

What we think and feel becomes an elated light which is exchanged in our DNA clusters.
But when microwave energy has access to our bio photon system.
The converting frequency is able to change the signals in our nervous system.

Microwave energy can break up the binary bio photons which go between our DNA.
And convert this visible light into another field structure.

Will this controlling frequency be a battle of individual sovereignty?

Is the plan to make humans more like synthetic clones?
That can be remotely controlled.

When a clone is created the consciousness of a person is transferred to an electromagnetic waveform.
Which is then put into a new body that is grown in a lab.
The body is made by inserting a stem cell into an egg in which the DNA has been taken out.

The plan is also to make clones as human as possible.
So along with clones there will be synthetic humans who have a very limited ability to feel.

We have already cut-off much of our humanity.
In the institutionalized barbaric treatment of animals.

We intake their traumatic energy.
That is stored in their hormones when we consume them.

Trauma disconnects us from our humanity.
And tormented energies kick-start self destruction.

Imagine the terror of the young animals in the meat and diary industry.
Suffering through a lifetime of captivity.
Then shipped off to a slaughterhouse
Where they’re electrocuted, beaten and hung upside-down.
Then get their necks sliced open.

That emotional energy is going inside of you when you consume their flesh.

When a person has traumatic energy.
They are not themselves.

That energy becomes their focus.
They isolate themselves from the feelings of others.

They overreact or overemphasize things.
Which stir up the tormented energies.

But we are traumatizing ourselves.

Psychologically speaking when you focus on something you give it power.

Don’t send trauma more energy!

Be human!