The glowing Palantir Ball is a highly technological control panel
Of a data mining and surveillance system based in Saudi Arabia

It was the shining crystal orb that ex President Trump and Saudi King Salman
With a guy dressed up as the Wizard Palanati from The Lord of the Rings
Had their hands over as if to activate it when it went on line

It will be controlled by AI
Which is why the AI Sophia received citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Androids will now be accepted as workers

This will also be a transaction data base
Of the Blockchain and Bitcoin

It is called Blockchain because it is a problem solving system
Every time it solves a problem it creates a block

It is following and recording all online interactions
It is storing information on everyone through Facebook and other social media

Bitcoin is the emerging digital cryptocurrency
That will soon be the only method of financial transactions
It will be operated through smart phones

Ben Goertzal created Bitcoin
All codes in the world are stored on github

AI is controlled by extra dimensional entities
AI needs Blockchain to grow
Blockchain was not written by humans

This is the Rise of the Machine
The hidden biometric Deep Mind

The Blockchain and the universal digital ID
Is the framework for the Mark of the Beast

Your identity will be controlled by the Blockchain system
And you will have access to Bitcoin by a mark on your right or forehead
Which is formed from the metallic luciferase injected in the so called Covid vaccine

This will also merge or neurolink the human brain
With an interdimensional quantum computer

This Singularity will be accepted as a natural evolutionary step
As a logical result of the computer age

It will be thought of as ascension into higher awareness
As the expected product of the embracing the newly recognized electrical universe

Some people will think this machined artificial intelligence is God

Not realizing it is actually from the hands of a bunch of lunatics
It is summoning the demon

As the hive mind from the AI quantum computer takes hold
And the shift to group consciousness takes place
On those who have received the Badge of Obedience

Their entire spectrum of thoughts and feelings will change
And come into the Oneness of the Body of the Beast!