The ancient builder races had access to
Extensive interdimensional systems and portal networks
That have been inactive but are being powered up

Allowing the ability to transport consciousness
To observe and heal the patterns and events
Transpiring in alternate realities and timelines

By seeing how the realm was created
Dark portals of deceptive consciousness traps can be eliminated

This capability to dream walk is an altered state of higher consciousness
While in an observer state
And can occur outside of our reality of time

Unconscious awareness is brought into our consciousness
So we can directly participate while in our higher consciousness

Bringing eternal light to illuminate the shadows of darkness
Thereby reflecting higher truths
Accessing creation timelines leading into the unity field

Resetting the alignment to the organic timeline
Which existed before the outside invasion
Preceding the Atlantean cataclysmic devastation
And the fall of Tara

This will transit the balance of earths inhabitants
Holding only 3 DNA strands and who are unaware
Of the war over consciousness and the ascension cycle

Because our DNA was fragmented
We could not communicate with our soul extensions
And as a result were recycled into the same karmic patterns
Over and over again

It is by the design of the ancient builder races
Who are making their consciousness presence manifested
Powering up the earth plane crystal core
And the re encryption of the elementals

By initiating waves of the thymus gland
A connection can be made to the entire universe

Our soul extensions or stations of identity are within the organic timelines

Clones negative forms alien hybrid replications and their false timelines
Will be reabsorbed back into the Creatrix Field for re encryption

Our consciousness and ability to transcend
Is the focus of a spiritual battle
Being played out in other levels of existence!