When you believe propaganda on Google
And have ignored evidence about staged events

Such as the JFK assassination
The Oklahoma City bombing
The 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attacks
The plethora of fake shootings
And the manufactured Covid pandemic

You spiritually contract yourself with the Illuminati death cult
And give your consent to whatever program they present

If you refuse to believe in negative aliens
And the unseen forces behind the vampiric and parasitic elite
And accept the version of reality being told to you on TV
You will give away your own personal power

The blowing up of the Nord stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea
Is a part of the script
Which is programming us to think a certain way

World War 3 is about to go online
Depopulation and tight leashed control by the elite is the agenda

The masses will think it is the conflict between opposing governments
When in fact it is a play being performed by actors

Adolph Hitler was a member of the elite
And was cast in a role on the worldwide stage

When ones view of the world is challenged
Their first response is to block it out
To prevent themselves from being overwhelmed

Big lies are easier to put upon the population than small ones
Because people cannot conceive of such a thing

And that is why it is difficult to convince people that they have been lied to
But easy to pass off a big lie!