Layers of geomantic blueprints
Govern the direction of energy
Into matter manifestation

They hold mathematical geometries with specific functions
That operate with multiple dimensional instruction sets
And send out braids of electromagnetic currents
Which hold visible and non visible
Frequency bands of light and sound

That form into complex multidimensional
Holographic light geography
Creating realities of different realms

Quantum supercomputer technology
With their own instruction sets
That mimic and control elemental particles
Have been inserted in the geomantic structure of our realm

These artificial frequencies are designed
To revise the currents and create confusion
Distorting the awakening pattern in humans
And route them into false channels

Blocking multidimensional awareness

Thus humans become negatively controlled
And digress into anti human
Robotic and disconnected behavioral patterns

Comprehending how humanity has arrived
At the current state of being
Helps you to activate your limbic system
Which wires your brain to your heart

Rather than listening to our ego personality
Which is a reptilian mentality ushered upon us

We can use our intent and imagination
To bring in energy

Which will remove emotional blockages
And the assaults on our higher sensing perceptions

Thereby opening our hearts

Flowering us into the limitless and oceanic source
Of spiritual freedom and peace
Based upon the natural laws of love!