There is a war over human consciousness that plays out
Through the manipulation of timelines
The stealing of energetic forces
And the enslaving of soul bodies

Artificial timelines are designed to subvert human ascension
Which programs people through fear
To manifest into their future enslaved selves
So that the reptilian based entities can suck the life force
From the human race

By building artificial neural networks
Through the collection of mental data and personal content
Humans get tuned into reality bubbles
That lead into consciousness traps
In which holographic inserts
Create inverted realities

Because of the alien agenda of harvesting interbreeding and control
Human souls in the astral plane
Get reincarnated into grey alien bodies
They are then referred to as grey alien zetas
This causes the human soul to lose its human consciousness

Soul capturing is image capturing technology
Which mirrors an exact replica in a holographic projection
Into a phantom dimension
With controlled artificial future timelines
Leading the cloned soul into enslavement
And consumption by negative energies

Dark entities get much of their power
By manipulating energy grids
Which reverses electrons

By understanding the multidimensional nature of reality
They can manipulate subtle body energies

This enables them to conjure up and direct curses and hexes
That promote negativity towards people
Enabling them to steal our life force

By reclaiming our spiritual identity
We can remove artificial realities
That interfere with our consciousness expansion

We can extract the alien enslavement program

When we align to higher spiritual expressions
We remove layers of negativity
Which opens our energy field
And fills it with spiritual light

Enabling us to make influential changes
That result in the highest good for all!