Your body is a complex system of cells tissues and organs
That generate electromagnetic fields
And communicate with electrical impulses

These bioelectrical signals create a unified and dynamic electric field
That extends beyond the confines of your physical form

Electrical energy courses through your biofield or aura
Forming intricate patterns and pathways

This energetic extension of your being reflects your inner state
And interacts with the energy around you

Your emotions exert a powerful influence
On the vibrational frequency and coherence of your biofield

Positive emotions enhance the luminosity and expansiveness of your aura
Negative emotions will cause it to dim and contract

Your thoughts and intentions influence its color texture and density
Positive output emits a radiant energy that attracts similar vibrations
Creating a harmonious resonance

Negative thoughts and emotions create discordant energetic patterns
That disrupt the flow of energy and compromise your well being

Your magnetic biofield interacts with the subtle energies that permeate the universe
Nurture its balance and vitality
And align with the natural rhythms of the cosmos

A balanced magnetic field offers protection benefits and fosters resilience
Imbalances and blockages in the flow of your energy
Disrupts the harmonious functions of organs and tissues

You are an intricate part of the universe
And an extension of its consciousness

Unlock your full potential
As a luminous being of light and energy!