Sacred sites were originally stargates
Of multidimensional access

Megalithic stone formations
Were energy architecture
Built on ley lines

Places such as
Glastonbury Stonehenge and the Avebury Henge
Were used for consciousness enhancement

Communication with other dimensional beings
Would also be accomplished

There are over 50 stone circles in Cumbria
Which is in the northwest part of England

In Cumbria there is also the Pendragon Castle
Which contained a doorway of consciousness
Accessing intelligent celestial energy
Holding universal truths

The Serapeum at Saqqara in Egypt
Was used to access other timelines
And other virtual realities

When visiting these demographics
Their portal systems can still interact
With our consciousness

Producing visions and a range of intelligent information
That needs to be deciphered

These sites now are a shadow of their former glory
Due to the alien menace
And their human collaborators